Sun Msg: Your Lifetime Job Is to Mold This One Life of Yours

March 13th 2011 Sunday Message Summary

Scripture: Matthew 20:13-16; 9:12; 7:1-5; John 3:3

I realized that ‘obedience’ and ‘love’ are the only way to live forever. We must value God’s words and listen to them. Then our spirits will live forever. When you go to the spiritual world and see the spirits of people who did not obey the Word of God and Jesus in the world, you will see that they have gone over the boundary of Jesus’ domain of life, and they are in the domain of death, and the world of Satan’s control. When we see spirits that have crossed the boundary of life and are in death, we say that ‘the spirit is dead.’ They must pray properly and repent. Then their spirits will once again become spirits that belong to the light.

I prayed to Jesus asking for the Word that is great, that is at a higher and superior level, and Word that is new. Jesus said, “The Word that pertains to that person is the highest level and the honey-like Word. Rebuking a person who needs to be rebuked, praising a person who needs to be praised, and telling a person who should repent to repent is the deepest, the highest, and the most superior level of the Word.”

When I prayed in the mountains when I was young, I realized something by looking at myself. I said to myself, “If my character is like a dog, then I cannot dare meet Jesus who is the King of all kings, God’s son, and the Holy Son,” and I realized on my own, fiercely, to the point where my conscience was stricken. Fixing a bad character, temper, rough temperament, wrong thoughts and actions is raising a level and making a great history.

Listening to Jesus’ word, obeying and taking action, and thereby changing the body through righteous actions and transforming the mind, the heart, thoughts, and the soul is ‘mental resurrection’, and ‘physical resurrection.’ Then, following the body, the spirit will become a resurrected spirit. The spirit comes out from the domain of death to the domain of life. This is ‘salvation.’ This is ‘the rapture in which you do with your body on the earth.’ It is ‘being reborn.’ This is ‘what the Lord wants the most.’ It is ‘doing the work of the greatest history as a human being and also as a body.’ This is how salvation is achieved.

If you misunderstand or feel left out by Jesus or by your brothers, verify it. When you verify it, you will find out that the truth is not what you think. Everyone, you must completely and thoroughly get rid of such thoughts. Those who misunderstand and do not wash away the feelings of being unappreciated, the Lord will neither entrust works nor draw close to them.

The time of feeling neglect is when people want to give up on themselves the most. At the moment they feel left out, Satan influences them and makes them feel unloved even more deeply. Once a person feels left out by someone over something, they continue to think that they treat them unfairly in other things, too, beyond the first matter. They think this way and give up on themselves. This is one of the tricks that Satan uses most frequently.

Simply put, ‘misunderstanding’ is like shooting at your comrades, thinking they are your enemies in a battlefield. Misunderstanding stems from ignorance. It is murder with words. The ones who die from being misunderstood can live again, but there is punishment for those who murder their brothers—they are dragged to death, so they cannot remain.

Whoever it may be, the thing a person needs to do most in their life is to listen to the words of life and make themselves. The first and utmost thing to do in life is to make their lives good for their own sake. It is to change and make their heart, mind, thoughts, and actions. Then their spirit is also changed and made according to the deeds of their body. Everyone should keep changing their spirit perfectly and be clothed with the spiritual form of heaven. They should wear clothes of heaven, and their spiritual form also should have the image of heaven like the citizens of Heaven.

Know how great a blessing change is. You will receive blessing and you will naturally thrive as much as your mind and heart change after hearing the Word. ‘Change’ is as valuable as your body getting healed of a fatal disease and becoming healthy. You must change in order to fulfill a heaven in your heart. Only when you change, the words—Heaven is in your heart—will come true. Jesus communicates with those whose hearts have changed into heaven and live together with them.

When you face difficulty, do not become anxious but pray. Jesus is watching you. He watches to see how you handle it; He sees if you seek Him or you discuss with people. Based on your response, which is shown in action, Jesus examines your heart and body also; He watches all your thoughts and actions while recording them all. The path for you to run in the future is determined by the outcome of your actions.

Do things ahead of time. If you do it in advance, you can accomplish even impossible things.

What do you think?