Sun Msg: Listen to My Word and Believe in the One I Sent Then, a Great History Will Take Place

February 6th 2011 Sunday Message Summary

Scripture: Matthew 11: 27-30, John 5:24, I Corinthians 15:46, 50-53

At the time of Jesus, there were people who followed Jesus knowing that he was the Messiah, and there were people who followed him without knowing. In any given time period, when God and Jesus sends a person of mission in that time period, there will be people who believe and follow knowing, and there will also be people who believe and follow without knowing.

Jesus appeared in the flesh 2000 years ago in Israel so as long as people believed Jesus was the Messiah and followed him, they were able to see him with their physical eyes. They couldn’t see God but they were able to see God through Jesus because Jesus, who God sent, had come in the flesh. So Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? (John 14:9)”

We cannot see Jesus’ body now but just as when Jesus appeared in the flesh, we can see him indirectly, which is when Jesus used the body of the central figures of each time period: the prophets, and the people of mission. We can then see his works and makings of history. When the Lord uses and works through people of mission, you can see the Lord’s works indirectly. But that doesn’t mean that the person of mission is the Lord’s original form. It is through the person of mission that we can see the Lord’s works and hear the Lord speak.

In this time period, God and Jesus exist as divine deities, along with the Holy Spirit. They rest upon our bodies and work and do what They need. The Holy Spirit also works by inspiring us. People don’t know this and because Jesus rests on them as he does what he needs to do, the Holy Spirit rests on them and speaks through their bodies, they even say, “I am Jesus. I am the Holy Spirit.” Always, you are you, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is Jesus. Jesus has a Will so he does things moment to moment. Some people say, “I am the Lord of Second Coming. I have come so why don’t you recognize me.” It is that Jesus has worked through that person moment to moment. There is no such thing as a human messiah. Jesus, the holy son, is the only Messiah. God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus have a will so they work at

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that moment.

We need to learn about the Lord properly through the person of mission. Human beings are the people of mission that must testify about the Lord in hundreds of different ways. With our testimony, we need to make people believe in the Lord. We need to know the Lord properly, in order to make a great history with the Lord this year. If the Lord uses someone, we should respect that person as an individual, but we should give thanks, glory, and love to the Lord; become one with the Lord, get close, and serve him. Serving the invisible Lord and treating him as if he could be seen through the help of a visible person is the greatest kind of faith.

In order to receive salvation and go to Heaven where the Lord dwells, we need to believe in the Lord according to his way. If we believe in the Lord according to our way, we will end up going to our own world, and we won’t be able to go to the world where the Lord dwells. We are the house, and the Lord is the owner who lives in that house. We are the body and the Lord is the spirit, so don’t believe in the Lord according to your own thoughts saying that you cannot connect to him. Instead, you should listen to the Lord’s words so that the Lord would be pleased, and you need to believe in the Lord and love him according to his way.

In the course of believing in Jesus, the stage of throwing away your own thoughts is the basic level of going before Him. Even if you believed for a long time, if you believe according to your own thoughts, then your character will not be transformed into the Lord’s character, and also your spirit will not be fundamentally changed to the spirit of Heaven.

Jesus spoke to us about ‘the secret of rapture.’ Didn’t you think that ‘when Jesus comes back, my body will be changed in a flash, and it will be taken up in the air and rapture?’ It was written correctly in the Bible, but people failed to interpret it correctly. Instead, they interpreted it in their own ways.

When reading the Bible, you need to interpret the Bible by categorizing the spirit and the body separately. First, while in this world, you need to listen to the Word of the Lord’s Second Coming, and change in thoughts and actions. Then, your spirit will also transform, having received the deeds of the body. This is the physical rapture. The spirit that has been changed by the deeds of the body on earth will receive the Lord at the time of my Second Coming, when the archangel blows the last trumpet, and it will be caught up in the air. The body will then live as a transformed body. It will receive the Lord as the groom, and as a raptured person, it will live its life on earth. You need to be physically raptured in order to receive the spiritual rapture.

The Lord already told us in the Bible. He said that physical bodies that will eventually rot cannot inherit the kingdom of God, but the divine spirits will receive the kingdom of God as the inheritance. (1 Corinthians 15:50) He also said that when Christ comes, they will be immediately changed in a flash at the sound of the trumpet call and receive the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15:51)

You need to know how the Lord comes, and how you should prepare. You must know that secret in order to receive the Lord.

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