Prepare the Oil

March 1 2009 Sunday Message

Scriptures:    Matthew 25:1-13

In today’s scriptures 10 virgins waited to receive the bridegroom but five met the groom while the other five did not receive the groom because they were foolish and didn’t prepare oil.

This message is actually about the second coming. In this world if a bride meets the groom and the groom meets the bride, they live an entire life together enjoying all kinds of joy and happiness until their bodies die. If we live having received the Lord, then we will live with him forever in the Kingdom of Heaven for so long it can’t be counted. In Heaven breathing is not done with air. Because we live there in the spirit, we live having nothing to do with air. Nothing there rots or dies.

This world is a physical world that was created to enable people to go to Heaven. It is a world where we live in with our spirits maturing by believing in God and the Lord. However, because people don’t know about Heaven or know properly/correctly about God and Jesus, they live thinking that this world is everything as if this world was Heaven even though it is a world that ends here.

Jesus’ Words was the water. The Jewish people from the former time period rejected Jesus and refused to accept him. That is why they could not be born again through water. One has to listen to the Word in order to be born again through water, and is able to be born again through the Holy Spirit. The Word is God. The Lord came as the owner of the Word.

The five wise virgins of that time period received the bridegroom. Those people believed Jesus’ Words, repented, loved their brothers, obeyed the Word and followed like children. Because of that they lived with grace because God was with them and anointed them with the Holy Spirit like oil.

This parable applied to that time period. Do you realize/understand? Jesus was shown to everyone and everyone saw him but they weren’t given the Holy Spirit because they did not listen to the Word and repent. That is why they did not believe because they couldn’t believe because their spirits’ eyes and their minds’ eyes did not open.

First, one must hear Jesus’ Words that are preached for that time period. Then they become born again through water. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. Therefore, people who have received the Holy Spirit recognize the coming of the Son through the Holy Spirit. That is why they can receive the Lord even if he comes like a thief. All of you are right now listening to the Words of the time of the second coming.

Second, you must acknowledge that Jesus is the messiah. You must hear his Words and must truly repent deeply of your sins weeping in great sorrow. And you must be at peace with your brothers, be faithful to the Lord’s Words, and must love each other.

March 4th 2009 Wednesday Message

Therefore, Stay Awake

Scriptures:    Matthew 25:13

The words, “stay awake” are often used when telling people to stay awake from sleeping. It means that the people of faith must stay awake and not fall asleep when it comes to matters of faith. Fundamentally it means we must stay awake when it comes to receiving Jesus.

The people who heard Jesus’ words and the preaching of the disciples and repented were born again through the water of the word, and their spirits became born again through the Holy Spirit. We, the people of this time period must also hear the Word and become born again through water and the Holy Spirit. [If we do that,] Our spirits become born again in the same way our bodies become born. Our spirits change and become new spirits. You must believe, take action, and follow. Then you will become born again and resurrect.

A born again life and a life lived in the HS is a life that centers on the Lord more than anyone else in the world. It refers to a life in which you center fundamentally on the Lord more than on anyone else. It refers to a life in which you don’t value what to eat and what to wear but live only for the Lord like Apostle Paul did. It refers to a life, as I always taught you, of loving only God and the Lord with all your heart, will, and life and being that way to your brothers.

You must be awake to repentance. You must be aware of your own sins and repent for them. Who else will know and repent? Whatever sins you have committed against people, you must receive forgiveness by repenting to people and whatever sins you have committed against God and the Lord, you must receive forgiveness by repenting to God and the Lord. I have always taught you that. This also appears in the Bible.

The Lord understands our situations, he came to resolve our sins, and he died for us shedding his blood on behalf of us. Therefore, if we repent sincerely, he will forgive. The Lord definitely forgives us because he loves us. He said that once he forgives us he will give us realization as a sign of the forgiveness.

Only the Lord is our hope on the Earth but because people have lost the Lord, their hope ends when they go to hell. People who are in hell have no hope even after trillions of years. Because they did not know Jesus, who was their hope, while they were living in the physical body, they did not find him, and did not believe him. Only Jesus is our hope. Only the Lord is our joy. There is no one but the Lord. If we lose the Lord who is hope, the place we live becomes a living hell. Now is time for all believers of Jesus on earth to pay attention to the words that are being preached about the Lord’s second coming and pay attention to the direction of where the people with the missions are pointing at.

I want you to live your lives without forgetting Jesus words, “Therefore, stay awake.”

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